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What we did on our holidays

What We Did on Our Holidays
Fairport Convention

Island ILPS 9092 (LP, UK, January 1969)

recorded: June-October 1968 at Sound Techniques and Olympic Studio No. 1, London except Track 4 recorded at St. Peter's Church, Westbourne Grove, West London. Further work done at Morgan Studios.

produced by: Joe Boyd for Witchseason Productions

front cover photograph: blackboard at Essex University
assaulted by Fairport Convention. photograph taken by Annie Brown

Alexandra Elene Mclean Denny, vocal;
Ian Matthews, vocal;
Martin Lamble, drums;
Simon Nicol, guitar;
Ashley Hutchings, bass;
Richard Thompson, guitar, vocal

Bruce Lacey and his robots (track 2)
Claire Lowther, cello (track 3)
Kingsley Abbott Coins (Track 4),
Backing Vocals (Track 11)
Paul Ghosh, Andrew Horvitch,
Marc Ellington Backing Vocals (Track 11)


side 1

1. Fotheringay
[Denny] (3:04)

2. Mr Lacey
[Hutchings] (2:52)

3. Book Song
[Matthews/Thompson] (3:13)

4. The Lord Is in This Place
..."How Dreadful Is This Place"*
[Thompson/Hutchings] (1:58)

5. No Man's Land
[Thompson] (2:29)

6. I'll Keep It With Mine
[Dylan] (5:53)

side 2

Eastern Rain
[Joni Mitchell] (3:35)

Nottamun Town
[Trad. Arr.] (3:10)

Tale in Hard Time
[Thompson] (3:26)

She Moves Through the Fair
[P.Colum/Trad.] (4:11)

Meet on the Ledge
[Thompson] (2:49)

End of a Holiday
[Nicol] (1:07)

* "The Lord Is In This Place...
How Dreadful Is This Place" is
based upon "Dark Was The Night,
Cold Was The Ground" by
Blind Willie Johnson

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